i love how last year so many people freaked out and told me to stop liveblogging spn b/c it was ‘overly emotional’ and “desperate”

and this year i started finding people who do the same exact thing and all the mean anons gave up and went away 

kids this is why if you love something harmless you shouldn’t listen to people who tell you that you’re uncool

because fans are cool. excitement is cool. dedication is cool.


love what you love in the way that you love it & ignore people who find flaws in the perfection of your passion.


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all the close-cropped shots of Cas though lol hi Jensen

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Jensen Ackles directing 10.03 [x]
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  • sam and dean: *commit their lives to each other in a church*
  • sam and dean: *100% unable to keep functional relationships up with other romantic interests*
  • sam and dean: *literally die for each other*
  • sam and dean: *constantly have their story lines compared to analogous story lines of canon couples*
  • sam: *refuses to leave dean after dean tries to murder him brutally*
  • dean: *literally asks if sam wants to divorce him*

are the writers even trying anymore

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castiel’s empathy for dean is a thing of beauty

that goes beyond their friendship - it’s a testament to cas understanding the human condition in a way even humans never will

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I rarely ever do posts like this, but I feel like this will really matter to some people.

AO3 is asking for some money, to keep the organization going. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE ao3. There probably hasn’t been a day I haven’t been on it in the last two years, I and seriously doubt there is anyone who reads fanfiction and doesn’t know of this wonderful site. 

Now clearly, one could say there are better causes to put your money to, especially on a site like tumblr. But for some people, fanfiction and fanart is their escape, I’ve read lots of stories about people being depressed and then finding out about certain ships and then becoming much happier people, and personally, fanfiction is the reason I started making friends through the internet and connecting with people because of what I love.

So all I’m asking is, that if you’ve ever seen a fanwork on ao3, smiled at fluff, or ogled at a particularly smutty fan art, try to give just a little bit of money to this site. And if not, try to spread the word like I am! I’m not a staff member or anything, I just am a fan that really wants to let this site know how much we as fandoms love and appreciate what they are doing. So please, please, please, reblog this, or click one of the links below to help out!

Informational Post

Donate HERE!

Thanks so much!

SIGNAL BOOST! This site, unlike others I shall not name, does NOT limit what you can write, if you can imagine it, they allow it!

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Jared Padalecki [closeup 7/100] [DallasCon’14] [credits]

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Is anyone else thinking, “Man, so many good fan fictions started out just like this.” 

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